Values Charter

Our values at Lesedi are all about the best possible economic performance as a company while respecting human rights, the environment in the broadest sense of the term, and the laws that protect them. These values seek to satisfy stakeholder requirements, in the present and over the long term.

Our growth and sustainability as a group, and thus our ability to meet our commitments to our stakeholders, are conditioned on customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction sits at the heart of all business processes at Lesedi. We will therefore continue to invest all necessary resources to ensure that this objective is met and maintained.

We have a duty to achieve and maintain high returns for our shareholders, our employees and all of our stakeholders.

As a leading player in the South African Power Industry, we have a special responsibility not only to our direct stakeholders, but to the public at large, which will ultimately benefit from our services.

Honesty, integrity and loyalty govern all our actions and practices. We comply meticulously with South African laws and regulations.

The very nature of our businesses demands an acute sense of professionalism. This means superior expertise and constant vigilance in matters of safety, security, environmental protection and quality assurance. Lesedi prides itself in fostering team spirit and creating working conditions that are conducive to professional fulfillment.

Sincere communications and openness to dialog are hallmarks of our communication programs. Our goal is to provide reliable and pertinent information enabling an objective assessment of our environmental, financial, social and societal performance.

Lesedi seeks to build frank and constructive relationships with all stakeholders. To meet their needs, we cultivate a spirit of partnership based on mutual responsibility, receptiveness and dialog. Our approach is to become involved in every one of the communities in which we do business. It is based on respect
for local customs and on understanding the communities’ needs.