Lesedi has enhanced its ability to offer best of breed solutions in the renewable power sector. AREVA, Lesedi’s main shareholder, is expanding considerably in renewable energies – wind, solar, bio-energies, hydrogen and storage; allowing Lesedi to be positioned as a major player in this market sector.

In this field of expertise, Lesedi combines comprehensive Engineering Solutions for all phases of renewable projects, from enigeering and procurement to construction, project management and commissioning, with technologies for biomass power plants to convert organic plant and animal waste into energy.

Lesedi’s exclusive relationship with AREVA, a company which has built over 100 bioenergy power plants around the world, totalling more than 2,650 MWe and making them established engineering experts in the bioenergy market.

Couple this with our access to the latest experience within AREVA Renewables, Wind, Solar, Biomass, bioethanol, Hydrogen Storage divisions, Lesedi is now positioned to be a major player in this market segment and has the power to do projects in Africa.

More recently, Lesedi in the third round of the REIPPP has been selected as the EPC contarctor for a 16.5MW Biomass project in northern Kwa-Zulu Natal. The project is expected to reach financial close before 31 December 2015.

Key offerings: within Biomass, Hydrogen, and Waste to Energy.

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