Lesedi´s Service Charter

Lesedi Nuclear Services provides integrated engineering solutions for all phases of a project, from initial design data and feasibility studies, through conceptual and detailed design to planning, construction, start-up and commissioning, handover and operational support.

Our product and services philosophy is developed and overseen by Lesedi's Project Director, Horst Lakemeier. Horst is of German decent, a perfectionist with a passion for detail. He is adamant that Lesedi remains ahead of nuclear market requirements for service, safety and delivery and, over the years, has set and met his objectives for Lesedi and our Clients based on the following fundamental principles:

  • Integrate Quality Assurance

  • State what has to be done

  • Do what was stated as having to be done

  • Prove that what was done is what was stated

  • Update processes and procedures from lessons learnt

  • Implement Safety procedures

  • For the environment

  • For people

  • For equipment

  • Optimise Delivery

  • Meet Client objectives