Exosun – Solar Tracker

Since establishing its presence on the African continent in 2015 through the registration of its Cape Town subsidiary, Exosun has been very active in business development, understanding the capabilities of the local market and developing its manufacturing capacity in view of upcoming projects in the Sub Saharan region. In 2016, Exosun secured its first MW project in Namibia.

The desire of Exosun to partner with a reputable industry stakeholder combined with Lesedi’s interest to explore renewable energy opportunities and new markets has been finalized in a partnership agreement in line with Exosun’s mandate to transfer: plant design, trackers manufacturing and sales activities of its single axis tracker Exotrack HZ in the Southern African Development Community (SADC)
This alliance between Exosun and Lesedi has multiple benefits:

  • Stronger South African footprint with an Improved BBBEE compliance (currently aiming at BBBEE level 3 and 51% black owned)
  • New pool of talents and set of skills with unparallel expertise including plant design, tracker manufacturing and installation of Exosun’s single axis tracker
  • Emphasis on localization of components with creation of in-house roll forming capabilities
  • Customers long term visibility and services commitment for 25 years plant performance

Exosun was founded in 2007 in Bordeaux (France) with the mission of offering solar plant developers, EPCs and IPPs, solutions to reduce the cost of the solar kWh in order to produce clean, profitable and competitive energy.
Exosun’s designs, develops and supplies solar tracking systems for ground-mounted solar plants. This innovative technology enables to orient the photovoltaic (PV) panels towards the sun throughout the day thereby considerably increasing the plant’s electricity production. Exosun’s trackers are easy and fast to install, with low operational costs. They are particularly profitable in high solar radiation areas.

EXOTRACK HZ Solar Trackers
The Exotrack® HZ is a horizontal single-axis tracking system that increases solar plant production up to 25% in comparison to fixed-tilt systems. If follows the sun every day, from East to West, with 1° precision.
Incorporating Exosun's state-of-the-art tracking system advantages, Exotrack HZ delivers predictable, reliable and competitive performances which meet or exceed output forecast. To learn more about the benefits of Exosun’s single-axis tracker, please have look at the video.