• Lightning Eliminators

    Lesedi Nuclear Services Pty (Ltd) and Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. (LEC) have successfully concluded an agency agreement for the integrated lightning protection and lightning prevention products, comprehensive solutions and services to be rolled out in South Africa as a primary concern, with the rest of the African continent also being considered in the foreseeable future.

    Lightning Eliminators & Consultants Inc. (LEC) is dedicated to providing integrated and patented lightning protection and lightning prevention products, solutions and services utilizing charge transfer technology, grounding systems engineering and surge protection since 1971. Applying comprehensive consulting services and design expertise, based on physics and state-of- the- art engineering principles, LEC has over 3300 DAS installations, in addition to over 7400 RGAs worldwide in over 90 countries including the United States. Implementing its proprietary DAS® and RGA® solutions across many industries LEC specializes in solutions for Tank Storage facilities and Floating Roof Tanks, as well as all facets of the Oil and Gas, Energy, Power, Logistics and Petrochemical sectors.

    The collaboration with LEC will complement Lesedi’s value proposition of offering local engineering and integration expertise with proven high end quality products that would add substantial value to customers.

    Core Products Manufactured by LEC:

    • Chem-Rod® - Chemical Grounding Electrode

    • Dissipation Array® System (DAS®)

    • IPE In-Tank Potential Equalizer ®

    • Retractable Grounding Assembly (RGA® 750)

    • Spline Ball Ionizer® (SBI®)

    • Spline Ball Terminal ® (SBT®)

    For more info on LEC’s products please visit: www.lightningprotection.com

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