Lesedi at World Nuclear Organisation Symposium: 09/2018

One of the main highlights for Lesedi this year was our attendance and digital sponsorship of the World Nuclear Association Symposium 2018. Hundreds of nuclear energy professionals from all over the globe gathered at Westminster Bridge in London to discuss and debate the future of the Nuclear Industry, including Agneta Rising, the Director General of the World Nuclear Association.

Some of the objectives of the conference was to “highlight the nuclear industry’s Harmony goal of supplying 25% of global electricity by 2050, as part of a reliable, clean and affordable mix that sees all low-carbon generation working together” and highlighting challenging market conditions: “Markets are also failing to recognise the service to the grid nuclear reactors provide through their reliable and stable generation available even in extreme weather conditions.” (read more on:

Lesedi is a member of the World Nuclear Association, and the WNA Symposium is the premier annual event for the global nuclear industry. Lesedi CEO Francis Carruthers and Shane Pereira, Business Development Executive, were in attendance at this prestigious event.

Lesedi Nuclear Services has executed over 150 modifications at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, the only Nuclear Power Station in Africa. Today Lesedi is engaged with some of the most significant projects at Koeberg including plant life extension through the replacement of the Steam Generators, the replacement of the water storage tanks (PTR) as well as other modifications required for Koeberg’s life extension.


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