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Lesedi is a proudly South African engineering and project company focused on the future and enhanced its ability to offer best of breed solutions in the renewable power sector.

Lesedi’s vision for its renewable business is to develop, build and operate medium Rooftop solar to large scale renewable energy projects throughout South Africa for IPPs or for clients that want to focus on their niches and outsource these activities and services.

We pride ourselves in conducting our business in an ethically and environmentally sound manner and are passionate about the need to utilise our abundant natural resources as alternative and sustainable energy solutions.

Lesedi is also a renewable energy developer for captive and commercial scale solar power projects, offer energy efficiency & optimisation advisory services and provide integration engineering as well as EPCM services to clients. Our projects bring much needed investments and job creation to local communities and provide reliable, clean and affordable energy to South Africa.

We are also well positioned for a steady growth with a pipeline of rooftop and ground mounted solar projects of more than 250MW under various stages of development.

Lesedi also has access to an extensive track record and expertise, as AREVA’s (now Framatome) presence extends to Europe, North and South America, Asia and South Africa, where close cooperation is maintained with the local industry on each project. We focus on renewable energy projects and have established long-term relationships with key boiler and turbine suppliers both locally and abroad. We were also one of the first companies to solely bid on biomass renewable projects in South Africa. This makes Lesedi a trusted name in the industry.

The future of renewables in Africa

Lesedi is excited about the prospects of executing small scale biomass and waste to energy projects on the African continent and to date we have progressed significantly in South Africa, having managed to get two biomass projects (16.5MW and 5MW respectively) to a preferred bidder status in the REIPPP in 2013 and 2016 as well as biomass and waste to energy projects in Ghana where our project development team has also progressed significantly to get the projects to financial close. Lesedi also has an agreement with Exosun Solar Tracking – a worldwide leading supplier of advanced cost-effective solar tracking solutions for ground-mounted photovoltaic (PV) plants. The South African government has signed agreements to buy electricity from 27 renewable energy companies, resulting in a new fleet of wind and solar power stations, and Lesedi is perfectly positioned to offer services to these projects.

Lesedi Rooftop

Lesedi prides itself in conducting business in an ethically and environmentally sound manner and is passionate about the need to utilise our abundant natural resources as alternative and sustainable energy solutions.

Lesedi contracted with BroadReach Capital for the implementation of a solar PV solution at Lesedi Nuclear Services Head Office, based in Century City. The system offset a portion of its energy consumption with a cost-effective renewable energy solution. Excess power generated during weekends, public holidays and over office closures will be fed back into the municipal grid.

The system is anticipated to generate more than 205 000 kWh of clean and cost-effective energy on an annual basis.

Lesedi Renewables Africa

In 2020 Lesedi Nuclear Services established a 100% held subsidiary called Lesedi Renewables Africa (LRA) to offer tailormade renewable solutions to clients. Lesedi Renewables Africa is technology agnostic and offers appropriate technologies, hybrid solutions incorporating a range of solar technology options coupled with storage that meet clients’ individual requirements. Lesedi Renewables Africa can execute renewable projects on an EPC, EPCM basis and as well as provide O&M services.https:

Email: Renewables@lesedins.co.za

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