Power Generation


In 2009 Lesedi was contracted for the balance of plant for Eskom’s Medupi Power Station, a contract worth more than $250 Million. Lesedi’s contract involves the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of 18 balance of plant systems on the station, involving the supply or treatment of potable, demin, waste, cooling and raw water, compressed air, fuel oil, coal and ash.

Lesedi executes turnkey projects with a multidisciplinary team of safety, health, environmental and quality personnel, project managers and engineers experienced in electrical, structural, mechanical supported by a state-of-the-art drawing of drawing office. Besides the design of the 18 systems, Lesedi’s role involves procurement, project management, including managing 15 sub-contractors and contractual management. The total workforce consists of 1200 engineers, technicians, artisans, and others.

Interesting Facts

  • Approximately 3000 – 3500 isometrics
  • Pipeline diameters from 50mm to 1200mm
  • Pumps & equipment ranging from 5kW to 1.6 MW
  • 31 engineers, draughtsmen & technicians

Procurement & subcontracting
$65 to $75 Million

Local content anticipated value
80 – 85%

“Medupi is the world’s fourth largest power station and the biggest dry-cooled power station in the world.”

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