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Lesedi has successfully concluded agency agreements for several state-of-the-art products and services for all sectors of Industry. These include Tube Cleaning with CONCO, Fire Detection and Protection, (DEF) and Public Address Systems amongst others.

State of the art products and services

Lesedi set up a two-day demonstration of various mechanical tube cleaning methods and services for industry experts – with Specialist Applications from Conco Systems LLC.

Lesedi has successfully concluded agency agreements for several state-of-the-art products and services:

Mechanical Tube Cleaning (Conco Systems). Using the best of breed TruFit™ technology, Conco has cleaned over 100 million condenser and heat exchanger tubes. This makes Conco Systems the number one condenser performance company in the world. We offer Conco mechanical heat exchanger and condenser tube cleaning equipment and tube cleaning services. Mechanical tube cleaning is an alternative to conventional high-pressure water cleaning. This service is provided during shutdowns or when process heating and cooling equipment comes off line. It is quicker and safer than HP cleaning and uses considerably less water during the cleaning operation.

Public Address Systems: Federal Signal designs and manufactures a wide range of personal notification systems. Public address and similar equipment are essential in refineries and petrochemical plants to protect personnel working in these environments. Federal Signal’s market-leading software, equipment, and services deliver global solutions that integrate outdoor, indoor, and personal notification systems over a redundant networked platform.

DEF (La Détection Electronique Français), manufactures and supplies fire detection and protection equipment for nuclear and industrial installations, refineries, and power stations.

Arkema supplies Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS) which is required at refineries prior to start up after each shutdown of fractionating columns. Lesedi has DMDS specialists that operate on plants globally.

“Lesedi is the agency for several “Best of Breed” engineering products from around the world”




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