Outage 223 at Koeberg 11/2018

The latest Eskom Outage Newsletter (dated 14 November) made specific mention of Lesedi

“On 14 November 2018, the Framatome/Lesedi team attended a brief session with Eskom OH&S team
to refocus on safety for the next segment of Outage 223 and beyond. Their commitment was
expressed in the beauty of different languages.
• In French: “C’est mieca de perdre une minute de savie que de perdre pa vie pour une minute.”
• In Xhosa: “Kungcono ukuphulukana nomzuzu omnye ebomini kunophulukana nobomu ngomzuzu omnye.”
• Afrikaans: “Dit is beter om een minuut te verloor in die lewe, as om jou lewe te verloor in een minuut”

In English this translates to, “Framatome/Lesedi commit to always sacrifice a minute in life, rather than to lose a life in a minute.”

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