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Lesedi provides several maintenance and air cleaning solutions to the Oil Industry. One of these solutions is “DMDS”. To explain it simply, DMDS involves applying or injecting the chemical, DMDS (dimethyl disulfide) into certain parts of equipment in oil Refineries to prevent coke formation and mitigating CO formation, and reducing Sulphur content in diesel, measured by “ppm” or parts per million.

Quintus Giliomee and Mike Mitchell worked on DMDS interventions in Europe (BP Lingen in Germany, Gunvor refinery in Ingolstadt, Germany, and Statoil in Norway).

Quintus reports: “I started with DMDS work at Engen in Durban about eight years ago and every year myself and other services personnel such as Mike Mitchell will “DMDS” Engen and Chevron. Early in 2018 we also assisted Arkema (DMDS manufacturer) to do three DMDS interventions in Europe. I started at the Gunvor refinery in Ingolstadt, Germany, after which Mike Mitchell joined me at BP Lingen also in Germany and thereafter I assisted at Stattoil in Norway. In 2017 we also achieved a milestone at the Engen Refinery in Durban as they installed a new CHD Unit to produce 50 ppm diesel. On Saturday the 02nd of December 2017 the sample they took after our DMDS injection gave them a result of 6 ppm which is excellent. They installed this unit as previously they had to import 50 ppm diesel at high costs.”

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DMDS Solutions

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