How the DynaWave Wet Gas Scrubber Works

The key is the intimate mixing of the gas and scrubbing liquid in the Inlet Barrel:

  1. Gas enters at the top of the vessel and travels down the inlet barrel.
  2. Liquid is sprayed upward into the barrel, counter to the gas flow.
  3. The gas collides with the liquid to create a turbulent zone, the Froth Zone, where the gas/liquid interface is continuously and rapidly renewed.
  4. When the momentum of the gas and liquid balances, the liquid reverses direction, and then falls to the base of the vessel.
  5. The gas, on exiting the inlet barrel, turns and moves vertically upward through the tower. The gas encounters a set of chevrons that removes remaining liquid droplets.
  6. After the chevron, the gas exits the tower.


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