Koeberg PTR Tank replacement project

Lesedi together with its local consortium partner, Group Five, are in the process of constructing two tanks which are destined to be installed on the Koeberg Plant on both units during outages in 2018. The construction of these two tanks is taking place on Koeberg site close to their final destination. These tanks are used to store borated water which can be used for the Reactor cavity and spent fuel pit cooling system.

The new tanks are made from Duplex UNS S32205 material, a material with a great resistance to stress corrosion cracking. The size of the existing old tanks are 1692m3. The new tanks are 10% larger than the old tanks, 12 meters in diameter and approximately 18 meters high. The old tanks will be removed, and the new ones are planned to be hoisted and then lowered into position in the same location as the old tanks. The above two projects are to be implemented during Koeberg outages.

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