SGR CSI Initiatives: Refurbishments of Science lab at Atlantis High School

At Lesedi we consider corporate social investment (CSI) an integral part of our business and are eager to embrace its role as a good corporate citizen through various initiatives and have a positive impact on the youth, as well as the communities in which we operate.

We recognize that CSI has the potential to improve organizational reputation, improve labour conditions, reduce socio-economic risks in the external environment, build trust and relations with stakeholders. Our business value of CSI and the impact it has on communities are not mutually exclusive concepts.


From our research, Atlantis is relatively a poor community with 12% of the population having no income at all or dependent on government grants. Lesedi identified the Atlantis High School for its CSI initiative, as an opportunity to equip young people with proper tools, and a safe space to learn as well as assist in obtaining a higher education qualification which will secure them future employment.

Atlantis High School

The state in which we found the science lab at Atlantis High School was not in a suitable state to be used by learners and required urgent intervention to ensure that it was in a much better and conducive state for teaching & learning, so that learners may thrive.

The desired outcome was to create a significant impact on the quality of education by providing Atlantis Secondary School with a fully functioning and equipped computer lab/ center which will assist the teachers with providing meaning quality education to the learns. And to also, provide the learners with an opportunity to equip themselves with new skills and to have a life-long sustainable impact on their overall lives. This was successfully achieved. Please see images below.

Science Lab conditions original conditions


Science lab refurbishment completed



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