What We Do

Operations & Maintenance

Lesedi’s in-house maintenance services division was established to perform outage maintenance work at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station. Comprehensive operating and maintenance manuals are generated for power plants and equipment, including formalised training programmes for staff responsible for operating and maintaining the plant after takeover.

Whether provided as stand-alone services, or part of a suite of services supporting project delivery and operation, Lesedi’s Operations and Maintenance services assist clients in protecting vital – and valuable – infrastructure assets and extending their operational life.

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International Nuclear Services

Provision of personnel globally enables Lesedi to:

  • Retain and maintain certified and authorised nuclear skills for Koeberg
  • Recruit and train additional resources
  • Assemble a core international team of 40 people
  • Assemble a local South African team of 130 people
  • Make substantial upfront financial commitments for training
  • Offer planned and unplanned maintenance

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